|| Jay Jay Raghuveer Samarth ||

Adinarayanam Vishnum |
Brahmananch Vasishthakam |
Shriramam Marutim Vande |
Ramdasanch Shridharam ||
You destroy no doubt darkness of the world. Cooling the burnt hearts with your nectorial rays. Dispel the gloomy atmosphere of universe. You are the only religion of the earth. The ever shining moon of calm and quiet.
You lead oneself to the absolute delight indeed and mould his life into perfect purity. Disinfect the World and fill it with highest joy. Producing everlasting Immortal life. You shine on universe, the sovereign religion of mankind.
One who is afflicted with worldly desires and eager for true delight. Depends on you and you alone like the chakora bird. You are the only source of all who hanker after liberation. No worldly miseries exist in your purest presence. Oh; dot less moon, the highest religion of world. You, born of the supreme ocean of unbound Bliss. You blossom the lotus heart in the wide world You deliver unsensual delight to one and all. Oh; the ever pleasing moon of substantial joy. The matchless omniscient universal religion.
You profess to one and all alike in universe. No delusive duality hides in your wide abode. You address everyone that thou art, the absolute delight and liberate from cruel worldly desires for ever, Oh; the most liberal religion of world abroad. The world existing religions are your rays of world religion. You shine with your own luster for all at all times. You indicate the utmost delight eternal and infinite. The ancient Vedas reveal your sublime glory. Every one bows to you kneeling his knees on the ground.